Ptlls Roles and Responsibilities

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  • Published : August 18, 2013
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By “following the required legislation and codes of practice, and carrying out your role and responsibilities to the best of your ability, will help ensure you become an effective and professional teacher” (Gravells, 2012) Health & Safety at work Act (1974)| Risk AssessmentsEnsures a safe environment. | Advise students of fire drill, | Education & Skills act (2008)| A right for adults to learn basic skills.| Encourage learners to commit to their learning, Help build the confidence.| Human Rights Act (1998)| Everyone has basic rights, to live without discrimination or harassment| Treat everyone with respect, regardless of background. Challenge inappropriate behaviour.| IFL Code of Professional Practice.| Expected behaviour from teachers.| Behave respectfully, to both students and other professionals. | Equality Act 2010| Protects people from discrimination.| Challenge discrimination. Promote diversity.|

The teaching and learning cycle has 5 points; the first is to identify needs. This may be done by assessment or interview to establish their current learning level and their goals, but also to address any disabilities, concerns or issues they may have. This is important in order to plan their teaching and ILP, Planning learning will require a scheme of work and lessons plans. This should include a variety of teaching methods to include all the students’ different learning styles. I am responsible for using the limited resources available and it may not be possible vary the lessons to suit all the learners, so more time may need to be allocated on certain areas to take this into account. I do attempt to vary the activities to keep the student motivated. Facilitating learning will make sure the diversity of the group is valued and encouraged, ground rules will help all students respect each other and promote good behaviour. I support my students throughout...
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