Microsoft Exchange Server Technology

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  • Published : August 18, 2013
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Q.1 Explain the role of ‘Microsoft Exchange’ Server technology in order to integrate and manage enterprise level data. Ans :
Microsoft Exchange Server is a mail server, calendaring software and contact manager developed by Microsoft. It is a server program that runs on Windows Server and is part of the Microsoft Servers line of products. Windows Messaging, initially also called Microsoft Exchange, is an e-mail client that was included with Windows 95 (beginning with OSR2), 98 and Windows NT 4.0).

In the era when technology has shaped itself into smartphones and tablets a leap initiative was Microsoft bring the data world into a single data management engine Microsoft Exchange Server. Microsoft Exchange has brought down the whole of desktops, mobile phones, pagers, into a just a smartphone-click. When IMAP and POP is completely a confusion to the use of internet protocol the MAPI(Messaging API) Exchange is definitely a technological advancement added with use of more than emails access. And not only that, the Microsoft Exchange Server having the flexibility of it to sync to not only the Windows handled devices but to Blackberry, Treo, PDA devices, Notebook PCs, Desktop PCs is undoubtedly the best feature of it. When most of the enterprises have adopted the Microsoft Outlook to be the daily mailing and data access point, the Microsoft Exchange Server has now made it more easier at the enterprise level to maintain the mailbox system added with feature of scheduling meetings, shared calendar alerts, notes resulting in a much more smarter way to handle.  Presently, MS Exchange serves as the hub of all email communications in most corporate environments that use the Microsoft Active Directory technology . Infact, as the enterprises have most of critical information share through mailbox the MS exchange Server provides a much bigger and reliable mailbox to the enterprise users. But a question that would be the first concern at the enterprise level would...
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