Life as we knew it

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This asteroid however creates worldwide disasters.
Throughout the nuclear winter caused by volcanic eruptions, Miranda tries to live life as normally as possible. She goes to the pond to ice skate for as long as she can breathe. She visits her friends, who are not the same people they were before the disaster. The question is, how long can Miranda and her family survive with minimal water, a dwindling food supply, no heat or electricity, and subzero temperatures? When so many people are giving up hope, starving, and dying of diseases we rarely get, Miranda is still clinging to normality. She still wants to date Dan, her swimming teammate, and she fights with her mother about her father and brothers. During this time of disaster, though, Miranda's best qualities come to light. Her determination helps her family survive a bout of deadly flu. Even though she fights with her mother, Miranda never gives up on loving her. Miranda might not know how long they will survive, but she does know that by working together they stand a chance. "death is a constant threat, and Pfeffer instills despair right to the end but is cognizant to provide a ray of hope with a promising conclusion. Plausible science fiction with a frighteningly realistic reminder of recent tragedies here and abroad.

Major Themes:
Luxury versus necessity
The importance of family
How people react to disaster
What people will do to survive
Hope and endurance
Civilization versus chaos
Man versus nature
Dealing with loss

. The books are an apocalyptic science fiction series for young adults, though adults can be just as enthralled by them. The book is in a diary style format written by Miranda, an average teenage girl living in Howell, PA. In the beginning of the story Miranda talks about normal things going on with her family, school, and her friends. Little did anyone suspect that the collision would change their lives forever. Then the earthquakes and volcano eruptions increase dramatically because of the stronger pull of gravity from the moon. The volcanic ash enters the atmosphere causing the sky to be gray

Mrs. Nesbitt, a family friend
Miranda’s older brother comes home from college, so he is also eating their rations. Conditions become worse and worse.  Utility service becomes a luxury.  More and more of the time the town must make do with no electricity.  Businesses, especially restaurants, are boarded up and closed indefinitely.  Food supplies are low.  Even the mail service is no longer dependable.  People’s behavior becomes more desperate as well.  Many of Miranda’s friends leave town looking for a place where life is better, if that even exists.  Another of her friends is giving away her already meager food portions.  Families keep more to themselves to protect what little they have.  Even the hospital hires armed guards.  Cold weather comes earlier because of the layer of ash blocking out the sun.  So there is no hope of growing more food.  When the snow begins, and the blizzard is deep enough to keep them homebound possibly all winter, Miranda and her family live in fear of what new disaster may come next.   

 Miranda and her family are sent scrambling to survive as Earth begins to freeze and water and food are scarce. They try to live their life as normally as possible while nothing is normal.

Survive when odds are aginst them

This novel is told through the voice of Miranda. I thought first person narrative was an ideal choice because Miranda was such a good role model, as she fought for her family's lives and realized how import they were to her. Her best qualities came to life during the disaster. Miranda struggled to learn to be very responsible and mature, by helping out as much as she could and trying to keep everybody's spirits up. There were times her family's survival lied in her hands and she demonstrated the courage to follow through. 

Some of the themes in Life As We Knew It are death and despair and...
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