Demographic Differences

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  • Published : March 31, 2008
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Demographic Differences
Demographics consist of population characteristics. Race, age and income are some of the popular demographics used. Demographic differences impacts how individuals view and translate situations. Diversity growth is supported by demographic differences. As organizations strive to gain the competitive advantage managers should learn, welcome and leverage the differences of the individuals within the organization. Contrary to many beliefs managers can not treat all employees the same they should treat them fairly. Understanding how people are different will assist on the correct way to interact with them to ensure they are comfortable and do not take the communication the incorrect way. Senior Vice President of human resources at Medtronic’s explains they offer their employees a training program called “You make the Difference” focused on encouraging employees to embrace their differences by viewing it as a business strategy. The company realizes that diversity achieved by employing individuals with different demographics helped to enforce their mission statement by standing for “quality and equality' both within our workforce and in dealing with our customers." Companies like Medtronic’s are using the different qualifications unique individuals as part of their business strategy. “To communicate effectively and to succeed, employees and managers alike must learn to respect others and come to appreciate and understand them as human beings despite apparent differences. Once diversities can be integrated with organizational goals, the knowledge people acquire from their different backgrounds may actually help to improve productivity and profits. Managers can serve as role models for others as they learn listening and communication skills.” (Mendelson & Mendelson, 1996)

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