Aboriginal Education

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  • Published : February 16, 2014
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Aboriginal Education
I am a student and a pre-service teacher in Australia. I have been lucky to have had a quality education. I am looking forward to graduate and become a full time teacher. It has been a rather challenging experience since people from my race still face some inequalities albeit minor in various sectors including education. I have always wondered what the source of these inequalities were and thus decided to carry out a study in the history of Australia in general but in particular within the Australian education system. My findings were appalling, confirming my suspicions of a historical inequality in Australia. In A Brief History of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education in Australia by Kaye Price the history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is presented in a profound sense. Price a “mixed blood” Australian who was lucky enough to get an education and who is currently now a teacher traces the history of Australia from the Europeans arrival. Price (2014) notes that the aborigines existed in Australia long before the European settlers arrived on the vast island. When the Europeans arrived, they at first intermingled with the natives before turning against them and considering them an inferior race. The Europeans considered themselves as superior and thought the local inhabitants to be uneducable. This was far from the truth. The natives had their own established culture and an effective system of education. The Aborigines’ education system was staged and focused on observation and specialization, while the European system was regulated and only prepared individuals for cheap manual labor rather than developing a holistic individual. Due to the contrasting cultures, the Aborigines rejected the European system since it disrespected their culture (Price 2014). This is why the Europeans considered the Aborigines as an uneducable and introduced the segregation policies which have existed ever since albeit in a mild state in...
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