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  • Published : May 15, 2014
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TNT Express New CEO Appointment

25 February 2013 07:30 CET -
Amsterdam, the Netherlands – The Supervisory Board of TNT Express has today announced the appointment of Tex Gunning as CEO.

"Tex’s extensive business experience and track record in successfully turning around businesses and delivering results make him the ideal candidate in this critical time for the company," said Antony Burgmans, Chairman of the Supervisory Board. "He is also an inspiring leader and we look forward to Tex stepping into his new role and helping the company realise its improvement plans. The combination of Tex and Bernard is an ideal Executive Board. I also want to recognise Bernard’s and Jeroen’s enormous contributions over the past months and their commitment to support the company going forward." “TEX的丰富的业务经验和成功扭转企业和交付成果跟踪记录使他在这个关键时刻,为公司的理想人选,”安东尼Burgmans,监事会主席说。 “他也是一个鼓舞人心的领导者,我们期待着特克斯步入他的新角色,并帮助公司实现其改进计划。特克斯和伯纳德的结合,是一种理想的执行委员会,我也想认识伯纳德和Jeroen的报告作出了巨大贡献超过过去数月,并承诺支持本公司向前发展。“ Tex Gunning said: "I am honoured to be part of TNT Express and look forward to leading the company alongside Bernard, with support from the extended management team." 特克斯许宁说:“我很荣幸能够成为TNT Express的一部分,并期待着领先的公司一起伯纳德,上述扩展的管理团队的支持。”

The Business Courier Market
The global business courier market is dominated by several large organizations, these include the often familiar names such as FedEx, DHL, TNT and UPS. All of whom operate across the globe and offer express delivery services primarily to business customers. On a national level many of these organizations will compete against the home country mail providers (e.g. Royal Mail in the UK) and many smaller nationally based organizations (e.g. City Link in the UK) and the several thousand freelance (Man & Van) multi drop delivery services. Unless particularly specialized much of this competition is based on timely reliable service and price, where scale economies can have a significant impact upon business success. 全球商业快递市场是由几个大型企业为主,这其中就包括常熟悉的名字,如联邦快递,DHL,TNT和UPS。所有的人在全球范围内运作,并提供快递服务,主要为企业客户。在国家层面,许多组织将一争高下的祖国邮件提供商(如英国皇家邮政在英国)和许多较小的国家为基础的组织(如连城在英国)和几千个自由职业者(男性与Van)多降送货服务。除非特别专业很多这种竞争是基于及时可靠的服务和价格,其中规模经济可以在企业成功的显著影响。

TNT Origins and Activity
Ken Thomas founded TNT in Australia in 1946 with a single truck. It became Thomas Nationwide Transport (TNT) in 1958 and TNT Express Services UK in 1978. Today TNT is a global company and serves customers in over 200 countries around the world, employing 10,000 people in the UK.


Within Europe TNT Express is the market leader in the provision of business-to-business (B2B) express delivery services. In Europe, TNT Express operates a broad road network connecting all 38 European countries through 16 road hubs daily, with an additional leg to Morocco. Express European Air Network connects 65 destinations through a fleet of 50 aircraft, including four Boeing 747 freighters. In 2010, TNT Airways managed to obtain traffic rights for flights to Moscow. The Moscow connection allows for an integrated service with superior cut-off times, which is especially attractive to the life sciences sector.


Further strengthening TNT's position in Europe in 2011 was the development of a commercial partnership with Adrexo Colis, the French B2C standard parcels company, where TNT took a 50% stake in the French organisation. This gave TNT access to major B2C markets across central Europe.

进一步加强在欧洲,2011年TNT的位置是与Adrexo Colis,法国B2C标准包裹公司,在那里花了TNT在法国组织50%的股权商业伙伴关系的发展。这给了TNT进入欧洲中部主要的B2C市场。

In the Middle East, TNT Express operates an intra-regional road network in addition to its air-based services. In Africa, Express has fully owned operations in a...
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